Fishing For Squirrels

Angus finally discovered the secret to hunting squirrels

This picture was born from two very different ideas that collided after I started to draw and they pleasantly came together to create what you see above.  I wish that I could boast that I thought up this little scene (funny thing to say because obviously I drew it and therefore thought it up) but I don’t feel like I thought it up because it just sort of happened with no intention of what the finished picture was to be.  It all started because I wanted to draw an acorn.  Just one little acorn.  I like their shape: simple yet unmistakable.  So this picture began its life as a lone acorn drawn in the middle of a blank page with no plan for what was going to surround it.

After the acorn, the other inspiration was rocks.  I wasn’t sure how they were going to tie in with the acorn, but I was climbing around on some boulders the other day and I love the shape and color of them and how they look up close and far away.  They also make great places to sit and watch the day go by.  I think the best activity someone can do while sitting on a rock is fishing, so that is how the acorn ended up on the end of a fishing rod.  I don’t believe that an actual activity is ever required to sit around on a rock, but it does give some purpose to the act if someone was seeking a purpose for doing so.  I used to like fishing off the rocks at my grandma’s beach when I was younger but I didn’t really like to catch things.  Pulling hooks out of fish was just not my thing.  Instead I would search the beach for a good stick, tie a string without a hook to the end of it and sit around on the rocks pretending to fish.  It was a perfect activity!  All the fun of fishing without having to catch a fish. 

The rest of the picture just sort of fell in to place after that.  Obviously squirrels were going to be attracted to that acorn.  They are easily fooled little animals and can’t resist an acorn, especially one that is conveniently dangling there for the taking.  Nothing unusual or suspicious about that.  As for Angus (the bird), he always felt there were better ways to hunt, and despite plenty of doubts and ridicule from the others he has finally perfected the art of squirrel fishing (or should we say “squishing”?! squirrel + fishing = squishing).  I’m pretty sure they should all take notes because this could be big.  No more searching for tiny animals from way up in the sky, no more dive bombing, no more dangerous maneuvers.  Survival could now be a leisure activity… just sit back on a rock with an irresistible acorn and let the squirrels come to you.