The Whole Gang

At last!!  I finally finished the picture which made its debut as an outline in the post called “New Picture Spoiler Alert”.  Actually, I finished the original copy a long time ago, but haven’t posted it until now.  I have been experimenting with a new technique (new to me at least) and this picture is an example of it.  I always start my drawings in pencil first, then outline the final image in sharpie, then erase the pencil, then photograph the outline, then color in the outline with colored pencils, then photograph the final copy, then done. 

This time, I drew it on a larger piece of paper than normal (18″x22″) and filling in large spaces, like backgrounds, never looks good with the colored pencils.  It comes out streaky and uneven, no matter how carefully I color it.  I have been adding in backgrounds digitally for a while, but this is the first time that the whole thing was colored digitally.  I colored the original piece as usual with colored pencils, but instead of just digitally subbing in the background, I loaded up the outline AND the colored version in photoshop and used the eyedropper tool copy the colors and fill in the outline.  It worked pretty well, and the colors are solid with no pencil marks.  I like pencil marks though, but they don’t look as good when printed without special printers and paper (I used to have a nice Epson printer but it was stolen a few years ago and now I just print stuff at Costco on photo paper… not nearly as good).  BUT that all said, I like the effect overall.

Here is the excerpt from the old post with the explanation of what is going on in the picture:

NEW PICTURE SPOILER ALERT! This picture is a birthday present for my parents: a portrait of the whole gang!  It’s not finished yet, but I’ll award you 100 points to you if you can name all the characters.  I still need to do the coloring, so I’ll be busy with that this week.  It was hard to get everyone together for this portrait, and you may notice a few of them are missing.  Despite ample notice and many reminders, some of them still failed to show up.  But what can you do?!  I’m just more amazed that I did kind of get them all to look at the camera… but of course right before the shot, magic panda was trying to show off to rainbow cow with a new spell and accidentally made himself really really tiny instead of rainbow colored like he had intended to.  We’ll have to figure out a way to reverse that spell sometime i guess… a mini magical panda might be more trouble than it seems <sigh>.  Working with these animals is a full time job i tell ya.  Never a dull moment.

And here is the finished picture:

Just like at a real portrait session, you don’t see the cloth background in the finished picture.  So that’s why this version is a little bit different.  Who is the little seagull with the balloon from the outline picture?  I asked around and no one remembers seeing him or knows who he is.  Good thing we have the outline as evidence that he was there.  Maybe we’ll meet him again one day. 

A Little Bit of Everything

Halloween came and went and I forgot to draw a new picture for it (I do already have a Halloween themed picture, but I got impatient and posted it in JUNE (see Candy Corn Birds).  So instead, here is a cute Halloween picture that I did not draw:


Great.  We officially acknowledged Halloween so now we can all move on to Thanksgiving (my next post will be about why I have a character on my Nintendo Wii of a 1 year old boy named “Turkey”.  It’s really quite an amusing thanksgiving story).  Anyways, this ghost picture came from a site that was recommended to me by a reader and is called Glennz Tees.  Glen is a graphic designer and got his start submitting designs to the popular t-shirt site “Threadless”, and he now has a company of his own.  The designs are creative and cleverly humorous, and they are on SHIRTS which is a bonus because the art is WEARABLE!  The site is worth checking out: 

Here are some other ones that I like:

“Extreme Beginnings”

“Experimental Music”

“Photo Bomb Squad”
Another great site that was passed on to me recently is this one: “An awesome blog about nails”
I like it for a few reasons  1) ‘An awesome blog about nails’… how can you not want to read further in to that??  Nails!?  I’m captivated.  2) I love art made from unconventional things.  It breaks every rule that I used to think applied to art (for my childhood views on art, see my post called “How It All Began” from Sept), and yet we still end up with something that is very much art.
3) I like nails.  I like that although nails are a simple, familiar and plain things individually, together they can form masterpieces, like this one:
Here is a close up:
It reminds me a bit of schooling fish; on their own they are vulnerable and small but unite as a group to become something larger and complex, like the ones in this scene from Finding Nemo:

Anyways, here are a few other examples of nails joining forces to break down the long-held belief that they are only for hardware stores and carpenters.  They have deeper desires than to simply hold pieces of wood together, or be put in the wall to hang a calendar or picture.  They strive for excellence in the field of fine arts, and I believe that some of these amazing creations are just the beginning of what nails have to offer us.  The various artists who created these (see website for names) have a unique talent and vision…and a lot of patience.  I don’t think I’ll ever look at nails the in same way again.
Nail Crow!
Nail Moose! 


 Nail Mini Cooper!
Nail Portrait

Close up. 

So that concludes our art discussion for the day.  Please keep sending me suggestions for art to post about.  These were GREAT and I’m always looking for new art to explore.  Stay tuned for the Turkey post next time…