Lego = Art?

Question: Can you make art out Lego?  Answer: Yes.  Next question.

This is Nathan Sawaya and he is a “Brick Artist”.  Only a true brick artist could create a magnificent, jumbo sized red tailed hawk out of tiny little legos.  On his website (, he says that he can’t say who commissioned him to do this piece, but that “…the person is a good skateboarder.  Probably the best.”  I suppose it will remain a mystery forever. 

He also did this one, which despite being very impressive, is a little creepy (especially if he keeps it in his house… extra especially if he keeps it in his bedroom)

Here is a picture mashup of some of his other amazing sculptures that have been featured in museums and galleries in North America, Asia, and Australia: 



Aside from the realization that I should have spent more time playing with Lego as a kid and become a Brick Artist, I have also realized that Lego can now be added to my growing list of things that can be art and that this list will probably have no limits or end.  Here is how an art critic explained it: “Sawaya’s ability to transform this common toy into something meaningful, his devotion to spatial perfection and the way he conceptualizes action, enables him to elevate what almost every child has played with into the status of contemporary art”. 

Does this count too?

Because that’s about the extent of my Lego creating abilities, and I have a feeling it doesn’t quite make the cut to qualify me as a Brick Artist…

I have had some other interesting art shared with me, and I’ll put it in a post sometime soon, so keep it coming.  As for my art, I haven’t had much time for it this summer with work being very busy, but I’ll leave you with a picture whose story I don’t fully know:

What I do know: the Platypus King is about to make an important announcement. 
What I do not know: what is he about to tell them?

Check out the facebook page if you haven’t already!

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