Zoo Showdown

This Saturday I went to a big parade, did some (lots?) of day drinking, and proceeded to be incredibly unproductive for the rest of the weekend.  By “unproductive” I mean I watched a lot of Glee on Netflix.  That could be considered productive depending on your definition, but either way, big fail on the blog post this weekend.  So Monday post it is! 

This week’s picture is of a zoo rivalry that has been going on for quite some time.  Once a year, the animals get excited to show off the very best of what they have to offer in the annual Zoo Showdown.  It is a busy day starting at dawn with a line-up of contest events that animals can enter into such as ‘most camouflaged’ (always hard to judge because they usually can’t find the participants), ‘fanciest stripes’ (always a tough battle between the tigers and zebras), ‘spot the mouse’ (usually dominated by the hawks), ‘aquatic relay’ (open to marine mammals and fish), and ‘best food thief’ (always a toss up between seagulls and squirrels).  The soundtrack of the day features such pump-up tracks as ‘Eye of the Tiger”, “The Final Countdown”, and the theme from Rocky, played on repeat over the zoo’s speaker system to keep energy up and competitive motivation at a max.  One of the most anticipated events is the “long legs, long neck” contest.  And this year, the flamingo was tired of being the runner up.

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