Happy Captain Pelican Day

…in other words, Happy Father’s Day!  Captain Pelican is my dad’s seafaring, avian alter-ego so it is only fitting that I introduce him today. 

I met Captain Pelican through some of the other animals (Penguin, Rainbow Cow, and Scuba Certified Elephant if you were wondering) and I’m happy to say we have become great friends.  We often exchange stories of our travels and adventures, but his are always much more exciting than mine.  Captain Pelican is the captain of a wonderful sailboat named “My Boat” (real creative, eh? apparently naming boats is NOT among his talents) and he sails around the globe having exciting nautical adventures, making exotic friends in uncharted lands, and taming sea beasts. 
I went to Boston once.  That was cool.

Captain Pelican wasn’t always the proud and celebrated captain that he is today.  In fact, he used to be afraid of water.  In his kind-of biography, a story called Captain Pelican Goes On A Voyage… Finally, we learn about this shameful secret and how he overcomes his fears of the ocean and embarks on his first real voyage.  Maybe one day when I get my act together (and much to Captain Pelican’s continued requests) I will finish coloring all the pictures in this little story.  Here is a sneak peek:  

(please excuse the horrible color as i took photos of the originals in bad lighting with a not-so-great camera and didn’t really bother to photoshop them, so pretend that the colors are nice and vibrant and beautiful…)

Aaaaaaaand now that you are on the edge of your seat waiting to find out what will happen and how Rainbow Cow, Penguin, and Scuba Certified Elephant are involved, you’ll have to wait until i finish coloring in all the pictures and maybe hopefully one day publish it.  Which at the rate i am going, could be indefinitely.  Hopefully not though…

Thanks to my dad this Father’s Day for being my number one fan in art AND in life!  If you were the only person that ever read this blog, that’d be enough for me.  Love you daddy.

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