A friend sent me some pictures of art the other day so i thought i would share them here as part of my ongoing quest to better understand what, exactly, is art?  Art, as we discussed in other posts, comes in many forms.  Some forms I understand, like a painting or a drawing, but others… well, hmm, lets just say that i like that “art” can mean anything you want… anything.
This is art, because “art” can mean a regular everyday object, but now it’s just REALLY big:
See the tiny person sitting on the bench, semi hidden by the tree?  That’s a big pin.  And since it’s not a regular sized pin, and it’s in a park, it must be art.  Further evidence that it is art if you still weren’t sure is that it is surrounded by a tiny fence, so don’t even THINK of climbing on that giant pin.
(slash art.) 
This is art, because “art” can sometimes mean nothing at all… literally: 
The frames are empty.  Frames typically hold art.  I have a feeling there is probably some deep embedded meaning in the ironic presentation here about the absence of art still being art…

This is art, because “art” can sometimes mean taking things and turning them into other things: 
This little cathedral was made from old gun materials.  Cool, right?  Except if you look closely, there is a whole human tooth below the cross.  This art just took a turn for the disturbing.
This is art, because the artist said so:
I have no further commentary on this one…?…
Thanks to those of you who share your favourite artists, pictures of art, or art related things with me.  Keep ‘em coming! 
Send pics (or whateva) to [email protected] 
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No animal pictures today, but check back this weekend (probably Sunday) for a new one!


One thought on “Art?

  1. Just so all of you know that gun material cathedral also contained an entire human spine running through the middle of it. Fascinating details on that piece.

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