Zoo League

Despite knowing nothing about sports, i thought it would be a good idea to do a picture series on the Zoo Sports League.  It’s something the animals get really excited about; they are always telling me about their victorious wins, crushing losses, or amazing plays. However, I am not a sports person so i usually tune out or try to change the subject to something else more interesting… but since they get so in to it, i thought they might appreciate me talking about their sports leagues in the blog from time to time. 

Here’s the short and sweet of it: on Sunday evenings, after the zoo closes, the animals get together for epic intramural showdowns.  According to a recent survey, intramurals are the second most looked-forward-to after hours zoo activity, losing out only to karaoke nights hosted by a flamboyant cheetah once a month.  There are soccer teams, basketball teams, swim teams, track and field teams, teams that don’t even really play a sport but whack balls around with various types of rackets and make up rules as they go along.  There’s a little bit of everything, and something for every animal to participate in. 

This picture is of the penguin basketball team and their new recruit.  The penguins were lucky enough to convince the giraffe to play for them.  Most giraffes actually don’t like sports very much (except for hula hooping, but you can hardly call that a sport… don’t tell them i said so, they take it very seriously).  But this giraffe felt bad for the little penguins who usually come in last place and thought he’d team up with them just to give it a try, and to help give their team a chance at maybe winning a game.  The penguins are thrilled of course and can hardly wait for practices to begin on Tuesday.

Of course, as with most team photos, something to the right just off screen made a loud noise and one of the penguins looked away RIGHT at the crucial moment… oh well, at least no one was blinking. Best wishes for the team this season fellas!


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