New Picture Spoiler Alert!

…we’ll get to that picture in a bit.  And seriously, it might be my new favourite. 

What could it be?  You’ll find out at the end!

FIRST, we have much to discuss: some cool art made out of food (yum AND wow!), another artist who does some really fun and ridiculously simple yet amusing pictures, and the story of magic panda and some of his biggest magical blunders (if we get to it).  So with all this to get through i need to ensure I don’t get off on some tangent and turn this post into an epic novel-length mess, so i will get right to the point:

Fact: Art is more fun when you can eat it. 
This is one of the artists shared with me a few weeks ago and i must say: LOVE IT.
“Red” Hong Yi does incredible work manipulating food items into amazing pictures that are probably delicious as well (especially the ones with jelly beans).  Here are a few of my favourites…

Marc Johns, another artist shared with me, might be a new favourite of mine.  Those who know me will immediately understand why I like these pictures…  I’m going to post a few of them, and believe me, it was hard to narrow it down.  For more, check out his website:

So that was just a few.  I love them all.  Now, on to other business… wait, can i have one tiny little tangent here before moving on?  Of course i can!  No.  No i can’t.  I started to write it, and it was very obviously going to get away from me and be long and irrelevant and there is enough going on with this post so no tangents today.  Ok.  Moving on…

In other news, I have concluded that in order to properly talk about magic panda, the picture needs some color adjusting first and I don’t have photoshop on this computer.  And I’d like to add a picture of a platypus to supplement the panda picture before I officially tell the story.  What does a platypus have to do with a panda?   Stay tuned i guess, I’ll get to it eventually.  In the meantime, I can tell you this: panda’s are the worst of all the animals at magic, and it has led to some very, let’s just say unexpected, situations.

And now, the moment you’ve been waiting for…

This picture is a birthday present for my parents: a portrait of the whole gang!  It’s not finished yet, but I’ll award you 100 points to you if you can name all the characters.  I still need to do the coloring, so I’ll be busy with that this week.  It was hard to get everyone together for this portrait, and you may notice a few of them are missing.  Despite ample notice and many reminders, some of them still failed to show up.  But what can you do?!  I’m just more amazed that I did kind of get them all to look at the camera… but of course right before the shot, magic panda was trying to show off to rainbow cow with a new spell and accidentally made himself really really tiny instead of rainbow colored like he had intended to.  We’ll have to figure out a way to reverse that spell sometime i guess… a mini magical panda might be more trouble than it seems <sigh>.  Working with these animals is a full time job i tell ya.  Never a dull moment.   


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