Canada vs America: Long Weekend


Happy long weekends Canada (last weekend) and America (this weekend)! whoa, did I just use capitol letters?! …they just sort of just snuck in there.  I suppose if I was using firefox it would automatically correct things like that, but here on good ole internet explorer its functions are a little too simple for that, and we are left to our own selves to remember things like spelling, grammar, and capitol letters.  I would use firefox more often, but i always get ‘long running script’ errors and a) i don’t know what that means, and b) i don’t know how to fix it or keep it from happening.  So i just avoid the problem and hang out over here on Explorer with its lack of cool add-ons and fancy grammatical features and ‘long running scripts’ and whatnot.  I feel like explorer is the equivalent of a car with manual locks and windows… it gets the job done, but it’s just so much nicer to lock the entire car with the push of one remote button attached to my keychain.  Right?!

Anyways, the long weekend… what’s everyone up to!?  Camping?  (see last weeks post & picture about camping if that is what you did).  I was going to do a whole different thing this week and share some of the cool art you shared with me (thanks for sending!!) and also tell you the story of magic panda (per the requests) BUT here’s the thing: i actually have a picture about the May long weekend.  And it was just toooo relevant to pass up, so we are going to do it this week, and all that other shtuff NEXT week. 

This is what puffins and penguins do on their May long weekend.  The puffins are Canadian so they are celebrating Victoria Day.  A whole national holiday and paid day off of work to honor Queen Victoria’s birthday.  So what better way to celebrate the queen than with a day on the lake!  The penguins in the picture are American, and they are observing Memorial Day.  It’s is a day to honor those who have died while serving with the military.  And what better way to do that than a day on the lake!  So… same long weekend, different reasons, and yet we find ourselves together on a lake enjoying time with family and friends and NOT being at work on Monday.  Of course, many americans actually DO participate in ceremonies and memorials over this long weekend, but i don’t know if I remember in my entire time growing up in Canada, anyone ever “giving cheers to their queen” like the holiday’s traditional beginnings suggest.  We really do just set off fireworks or go to a lake or go camping or sit around and enjoy NOT being at work on Monday.  Oh well, whatever holiday you are observing, hopefully your May long weekend was filled with friends, family, food and of course lots of fun. 
PS – I’m not sure what type of large bird the feather from that feather kite came from… you’ll have to ask the Puffins.  They are very expensive kites, so I imagine it is from a rare species.    

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