The best things about summer (and the worst)

How is it that May is half over already? 11 days till June.  Where did the first half of the year go?  June, in my mind, has always marked the beginning of summer. And i love summer for so many reasons but my one problem with it is: I love tea also.  Tea is hot… summer is also hot… and herein lies the problem.  To expand on this: drinking tea makes me hot, which is great in the coldish winter/spring/fall, but in the summer it’s hot outside so the hotness of the tea i’m drinking and the hotness of the air gets compounded and then i get super hot and canadian’s aren’t built for heat and i can’t handle it i JUST can’t and then i have to stand in front of wind (fans) to cool down and then i have tea regret and then i think “tomorrow i should not brew tea” but then because brewing tea is such a habit and embedded into my lengthy morning routine, i do it anyways and the whole problem happens all over again. 

I say “lengthy morning routine” because for whatever reason, and on top of the things I actually need to accomplish every morning like getting dressed and packing a lunch, there are many things that are not urgent but that seem to carry much more importance right about when I have to leave for work in 5 minutes… ie: better water the avocado plant; better water the REST of the outdoor plants; better hang up those clothes that have been sitting on the spare bed for weeks; better clean the sink; better look for that hat that i don’t need to wear today but seem to have misplaced; better look through a photo album… better do other such irrelevant things.  And i keep setting my alarm to wake me up earlier and earlier but no matter how much time i give myself in the morning, i find a way to be rushing out the door in total chaos, forgetting the two travel mugs of tea i carefully prepared, then running back for it, and that’s just how things work monday through friday… my morning routine. 

Wait, what was i talking about before all that?  …TEA! Yes, of course: So for a few months of the year, the hot months, I often brew my tea out of habit and don’t actually even drink it, or sometimes i simply just boil the water and and then turn it off and not even get to the brewing phase because boiling water is just something i can’t seem to not do in the mornings. So this is the one downside to summer for me: tea complications.  But that’s beside the point…  we’re here to talk about things we like about summer.

Summer is a time for fun, friends, and food, which also are my THREE favourite things!  And where better to enjoy those things than sitting around outdoors away from home and tvs and phones and indoor plumbing and soft mattresses… yes, i am talking about CAMPING!! So in the spirit of almost-summer and the beginning of the camping season, this week’s picture is celebrating warm evenings, getting back in touch with nature, and enjoying the simpler things in life that summertime helps us re-connect with.  And of course smores.  What would life be without smores?  

Sorry this post is such a disaster… i just realized i spent the majority of it ranting about tea, which really has nothing to do with art (other than that i like to drink tea while drawing).  Not to make excuses, but here’s an excuse: I have had visitors in town for a while and it has left very little time for thinking about art.  “New posts every weekend”, she said… FAIL.  Let’s just add something to that statement: New posts every weekend, probably on sunday, and maybe sometimes on monday.  Next week I would like to explore not only my art, but art that I like by other artists.  And I would love for you to share some of your favourite artists with me, or just your favourite image or picture.  Or statue.  Or sculpture.  Or whatever.  I’m game for anything.  So if you have some art you’d like to share with me, comment below, or on Facebook, or email me [email protected]
Happy week, and hopefully next week the post will actually be done by the weekend.  What story/animal would you rather hear about? 
1) Scuba Certified Elephant
2) Captain Pelican
3) Magic Panda


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