What just happened?

This was supposed to be a video.  This was supposed to be a video of me talking about some of my pictures so my parents slash friends could see what I’ve been up to and what’s new in my little art world.  It wasn’t until I was staring into my webcam looking awkwardly up at the camera then back down to my keyboard trying to figure out what to say that I realized i’m much more of an “inner monologue” type of person.  And inner monologues can best be expressed through writing. 

So here we are an hour later, and now I have a twitter account, a tumblr account, a blogger account, and no video.  Is this a win or fail??  Time will tell.  I do find it particularly amusing though, because as of about three weeks ago I didn’t even have a smartphone.  I hardly even sent text messages!  And yet now ALL THIS… go big or go home, i guess.

I was going to start out my video introducing people to my little show, but as i thought about it while avoiding eye contact with myself on the webcam, i realized i had no idea what exactly i was trying to do: Welcome to lindsay talks about art! no, no that’s not it.  Welcome to Lindsay’s virtual art gallery! no, not right either.  Welcome to pictures and stuff! Absolutely not  …welcome to whatever this is, an art show? Kind of.  Welcome to kind of an art show!  That’s as good as it was going to get, so by default, that’s what this blog became (sub in ‘show’ for ‘blog’ of course). 

I guess I should talk about art or something now, so let me introduce someone new to me but who i have quickly become fond of: Gnomie (and his pet owl Hoot).  I met them for the first time two days ago.

He’s a simple fellow, aprox 3″ tall, fond of nature and apple strudel.  Hoot prefers mice.  The thing about Gnomie is that he has a twin brother, but his brother is so elusive that I haven’t yet captured an image of him.  I don’t even know his name and Gnomie prefers not to speak of him so I don’t want to push the subject.  What I do know is this: his brother is EVIL.  Well, not evil, just misunderstood I think (and like most creatures who are misunderstood for their differences, they often become isolated or feared.  I suspect sharks, spiders, and other such animals would relate well to this).  But I digress… Gnomie’s brother spends most of his time hiding in dense foliage, sometimes on the ground and sometimes venturing into treetops, and only comes out when he’s sure no one else is around or at night under the cover of darkness.  He is known for playing practical jokes on people and partaking in general mischievous acts.  Until recently, his trickery was limited to innocent pranks (hiding someones keys, switching the sugar with salt, rigging pens so they explode all over your hand, etc), but recently he’s been up to something new… something no one can quite figure out.  He’s been stealing honeybees.  Right off the flowers.  It’s a huge mystery: where does he keep the bees? why does he want them? what is he going to do with them?  It has us all pretty stumped, but I’ll be sure to keep you posted as I learn more.  I’m going to try to capture an image of him in the act, but it might be a next to impossible task, so don’t hold your breath.  Maybe motion sensors will help?

Anyways, we will see how this all unfolds, and i do hope he is treating the bees ok.  Now I have to figure out how to post this to all my new social media portals so my friends slash family slash et cetera can read it.  I am in way over my head with all this!! I should have just made a video… i am well versed in how to use YouTube.  <sigh> 

Things we learned today:  wait… no… Things we DIDN’T learn:
1. how to use tumblr (what IS tumblr?!)
2. why i have 5 followers on twitter after having the account active for about an hour… who are they?! 
3. That i’m really not an inner monologue person, i talk A LOT. Why couldn’t I talk to the video camera earlier?

We did achieve one important thing though today: we kind of talked about art for a minute, which is what this is all about, so yeah, mission accomplished?

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